Corporate Direct

In today’s competitive market, business transactions suffer if Internet connectivity is down even for a short time. Our Corporate Solutions recognizes the importance of Internet and its applications in businesses today. Deviating from the conventional pipe concept, INFINET Corporate Solutions has introduced Corporate – Direct Wireless Internet Service that will change the way Broadband is delivered to Corporate.

Corporate – Direct delivers the Internet Leased Lines over Secure Wireless last mile, hence provides Media diversity and Service Provider Redundancy to meet the Internet needs of the organizations. We not only deliver the last mile but we also give you an additional AMC for both the technology. We, herewith, are forwarding you our best quotation for above said services for your kind perusal and favorable consideration. We assure of our value added services and prompt attention at all times and looks, forward to serve your esteemed organization and providing high quality services.

Corporate – Direct offers:

Load balancing – Failsafe Support

Corporate today have internet delivered to the office over cable or fiber. With infrastructure work on the rise and myriad of utilities digging roads, cable cuts are unavoidable. To address the Corporate concern of overall Internet uptime, INFINET Corporate Solutions introduces a unique Load Balancing functionality whereby traffic can be diverted to the secondary Internet link if the primary Internet link fails. Load Balancing, thus, offers diversity over an alternate last mile media – Wireless.

Assign speed by user group

Internet needs of employees vary based on their role and work. Traditional Internet Leased Line which delivers the same bandwidth to each employee regardless of their need is not the ideal solution. Our Internet Leased Line suite gives an option of having speeds delivered to employees based on role and need. For e.g. The Marketing Manager may be allocated speeds of 2 Mbps, Admin Manager 1 Mbps etc.
Secured Office Wi-Fi

This solution offers a high performance wireless LAN powered by OFDM and MIMO 4G technologies protected by NAT & Firewall. Wireless Office helps to reduce the total cost of ownership as compared to a wired office.